1) What is Escort Club?
Escort Club is a paid classifieds site to meet new friends.

2) Who can post an announcement on Escort Club?
Ads on Escort Club may only be published by girls and trans; ads are not accepted for men.

3) How can I publish my ad?
To post your ad, simply go to the PUBLISH YOUR PROFILE section, fill out the form, select your subscription.
Once all required steps have been completed, your ad will be published.
The photos must be of clear quality and must not exceed 10 Mb in size.

4) Can I change my ad?
Of course; you will only need to contact the team through the contact section and request the changes.

5) What is forbidden to publish in the ad?
It is forbidden to post false ads, non-existent ads, photos and numbers not real, ads and photos of minors, ads of men.
it is forbidden to create a double profile. Violators will be reported to the competent authorities.

The management reserves the right to modify or cancel unsuitable ads.

For info, requests and reports fill out the FORM in the CONTACTS section.

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